Welcome to Body Lightness!

 (Re-)discover your body's intrinsic lightness! I invite you to explore my different services for returning to a state of balance, equilibrium and well-being - a reconnection with the natural power and buoyancy of a vital body and confident mind! Come with me on a journey of discovery! 

My offering to you

Calm - Body work

Massages and bodywork shouldn't be seen as luxury items. Increase your own body awareness, release muscular and fascial blockages and tensions, activate the autonomous nervous system and self-healing powers through deep relaxation. A large range of mindful massage treatments are available to you - choose the one that most appeals to you.  

Regeneration - Moxa and Meridian Therapy

The self-healing powers of the body are truly amazing. With the help of gentle, needle-free meridian treatments using moxa and teishin, the inner balance of the functional organ systems can be restored in a holistic way. Painful conditions and imbalances can be treated gently and effectively.

Ease - Manual Mobility Therapy

Blockages, injuries, misalignments, stiffness & co. are usually painful and restrict mobility and the joy of movement. Manual movement therapy according to Hock, cupping and Gua Sha can be applied in a very targeted way to restore freedom of movement.

New NADA-Project in Graz!

Due to the positive response in Munich, a pilot project for a NADA ear acupuncture group is now being launched in Graz! The NADA protocol is a well-known and very simple treatment scheme for ear acupuncture, which serves to slow down the body's stress response and strengthen the self-healing and regenerative powers of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for 'rest and digestion'. Five points in the ear are stimulated, on both ears. As only doctors and nurses are allowed to use needles in Austria, only ear magnets will be used at this kick-off event, which have also been shown to be effective. 

The next meeting is on Monday, May 13th between 16:30 and 18:30 at the Seddwell Centre in Dreihackengasse 32, 8020 Graz. Everyone is welcome, even without prior registration. A donation of 4 EUR is recommended. English speakers are also very welcome!

Bodylightness Graz @Schlossberghotel

New address as of March 2024!

Good news! I'm moving to a gorgeous room in a beautiful hotel to provide even better pampering for my guests! As of March, find me at the Schlossberghotel in room 19!
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 30, A-8010 Graz 
I'll be there Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Once you've booked your appointment via Treatwell, please go to the reception and wait in the reception area. I'll pick you up and escort you to my new room. 

New address as of March 2024!

Bodylightness Graz has found a new home!

It's just more fun to work in a beautiful space!

One of the best addresses in town. Now with a luxurious retreat for exceptional bodywork: Room 19!

New dates for partner massage 1-day workshops in Graz in 2024!

1-day workshops for learning the essentials of massage (using a massage table) for beginners and enthusiasts. 3 dates available for 2024, I'm happy to offer a workshop in English if enough English-speakers can be found!

Next workshop is on Saturday, May 11th 2024 @Seddwell Center in English! Details here!

Moving to Graz end of January 2024!

After 3 years of commuting between my acupuncture practice in Munich and my massage salon in Graz - I've decided to settle in Graz! You can find me there 4 days a week at the sensational Schlossberg Hotel, or giving company massages, or doing house calls. Munich clients who still have a massage voucher: please contact me and I'll pass you on to my favourite and very gifted therapist in Munich!

Ongoing until December 2023: Stress & Trauma Acupuncture @ Shaere Munich

Twice a month, we offer free Community Acupuncture for Stress & Trauma (auricular acupuncture using the NADA protocol) or ear magnets for the needle-averse. Anyone with stress or trauma issues is welcome! 

The Friday dates take place in the yurt at Shaere Neuperlach - a magical place to relax and tank up on energy! The dates for this year are in the picture above.

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The easiest way to get to your appointment! In the Treatwell appointment calendar, you can see which appointment slots are free and book instantly after a one-time registration. You can also conveniently pay for your booking in advance. 

Give the gift of wellbeing! Gift certificates to go!

All BodyLightness services can be purchased in the shop as gift vouchers. You can conveniently pay in advance and receive a pdf voucher to print out at home or forward to the recipient. The English language descriptions are at the bottom of every product page.
Please note that I shall be moving to Graz as of January 2024. Existing Munich vouchers will be handled by my colleague and retain their validity (for a maximum of 3 years).

What do my clients say?

 ...it looks like my customers are very satisfied! Check out the reviews on my Treatwell page!
(Treatwell Top-rated salon in 2020 - 2023!)
A few quotes:

  • Francesco: Nice practice and pleasant atmosphere. The massage really did me good. Caroline was able to identify the blockages immediately and they were resolved very effectively and sensitively. Price/performance ratio absolutely appropriate. I will gladly come here again! 
  • Christine: Caroline has a wonderful way of responding to people, which makes it really easy to relax. It was so good that I immediately made another appointment. 
  • Anna: I am a massage therapist by profession, now retired, I was thrilled with Caroline, she knows what she is doing, very sensitive and the massage was excellent.