Body Lightness Massages - The Art of Pampering!

Deep relaxation and physical well-being are anything but an occasional luxury! Our low-touch and fast-paced culture often makes us forget about or put our "embodiment" on the back burner while we juggle our daily duties and tasks. The body is only perceived in a blurred way, we lose ourselves all too easily in the exterior world. Living from the centre in a relaxed body gives us the necessary energy and lightness to face the challenges of everyday life. Mindful and healing touch, as practised in massage, is able to restore balance towards well-being. Taking this time for yourself and "body care" is time well spent...and a wonderful journey of discovery.

Healing touch comes in many formats - whether through a gentle downshift of the autonomic nervous system through comforting long strokes and deep joint loosening practices of a Lomi lomi treatment or Esalen massage, whether through intense myofascial work of a Deep Tissue or Trigger Point treatment to make caked and hardened muscle tissue supple and permeable again, or with the aid of warming and circulation enhancing properties of hot stones or high quality herbal oils and extracts. The "menu" is extensive - read on to choose a treatment that is right for you!

Ocean Moves - Lomi lomi and Esalen Massage

 These deeply relaxing massages allow you to feel the rhythm of your breath, stretching and loosening of the joints and long strokes along the body helps you to let go, inner spaces open up, the connection to the emotional world is deepened. These massages are much more than a treatment, instead, I see them as the art of pampering and co-sensing, they are a meditation and celebration of the senses and well-being. 

 Esalen (TM) Massage A particularly sensitive and mindful full-body massage with deep joint work, long strokes, and very strong calming effects on the nervous system. Developed on the coast of Big Sur at the Esalen Institute in California in the 1960s, this jewel of a treatment specifically offers deep regeneration and re-anchoring in the body. Highly recommended for burn-out symptoms, for states of exhaustion due to illness or mental strain, or as a refuelling treat for healthy people to restore a feeling of well-being in the body. 

Lomi lomi A wellness treatment for connoisseurs from the Hawaiian tradition. Long strokes, flowing movements, abundant use of nourishing oil and the rhythm of Hawaiian music transport the person being treated into a pleasant, cradling world of letting go. The mixture of techniques from Lomi lomi Nui and Lomi Oluea promise both a gentle wrapping in a warm cocoon of ocean rhythms as well as deep joint work and mobilisation. Very popular as a rite of passage for new beginnings of any kind! 

Unknotting and releasing - deep tissue, trigger point, cupping massage

In the case of stubborn tensions, muscle indurations and fascial adhesions, these myofascial release techniques skilfully identify and dissolve the blockages. Deep tissue or trigger point treatments focus more on relieving localised tension, muscle constrictions and adhesions of the fascial web. Here, the aim is to restore the original mobility and to relieve pain using techniques that promote circulation as well as loosening fascial adhesions. 

Cupping massage: This very old manual technique, which can be found across cultures, is very effective, pin-pointed and rapidly counteracts chronic states of tension. Here, after an orientation massage followed by a cupping session, fascial adhesions are treated, especially in the back area, and the microcirculation of the muscles and surrounding tissue is stimulated. Afterwards, suction cups are specifically placed on areas of tenseness and hardness and/or on reflex zones in order to provide a strong stimulus and to thoroughly "ventilate" the tissue. After the suction cups have been removed, the muscles are massaged and stretched anew. Attention, cupping leaves traces for about a week! Therefore, an arnica tincture is applied as a final treatment.  

Liquid lava - Hotstones & Heat compresses

Heated basalt stones flow like liquid warmth over the whole body and convey their heat deep into the various layers of the body. Even stubborn muscle tension melts away and the nervous system is downregulated.

Here, massage is performed using the hot stones - with long strokes and increased pressure on the typical "problem areas". This mixture of abundant use of aromatic oils, soothing warmth and flowing movements is particularly popular during the colder seasons.

Warm compresses - for example liver wraps with horsetail herb or whole-body alkaline compresses -  stimulate the detoxification function of the body in addition to boosting circulation. Afterwards, this detox treatment can be supported with lymphatic drainage or a whole-body cupping treatment.

Plant power - Aroma massages

 Use the power of plants for support! High-quality, handmade oils provide your senses and skin with wonderful pampering and stimulate the body's self-healing powers. Nourishing liquid sunlight of St. John's wort, the relaxing and decongesting effect of hemp oil, the clearing effect of Greek jasmine on mind and soul - immerse yourself! 

Double delight - Pregnancy massages

During pregnancy the body works at full speed to create a new being, the expectant mother is amazed at the many changes and transformations during this special time. Especially in the last two trimesters, this mindful pregnancy massage in side position supports and frees you from the unaccustomed heaviness and restores a forgotten lightness. 

Soul zones - Foot reflexology

 The feet are so-called "mirror organs" - the entire body is holographically mirrored in the reflex zones on the feet. Thus, the whole body can be accessed through the feet and the body's self-healing powers can be stimulated. Thanks to the incredible density of nerve endings in the sole of the foot, reflexology is a great pleasure for many clients, who feel like they are floating on clouds after treatment. Problem zones in the body can be stimulated and treated, soothing massage techniques pamper the often overused and neglected root and base of our body.