about me

Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, or a new country.
Anais Nin


Growing up bilingually in Munich, with an English father who worked as a Russia expert for Radio Free Europe and a German mother who loved the beautiful things in life - fantastic clothes and later became a colourful, vivacious painter herself. After studying psychology in Bristol and Munich, I first worked as a psychological management consultant, followed by a course of zigzags and professional juggling between a down-to-earth sales job, creative design with my own web design boutique and the discovery of the art of massage in 2009. Bodywork holds the greatest attraction for me in its diversity, and it is here that I am constantly continuing my education. In 2016 I decided to take the leap into self-employment and discontinue my other activities. For me, body and healing work is both a vocation and a passion, a very beautiful, intensive and personal contact with which I can give back the world a little relaxation, well-being and lightness and help others to feel completely at home in their bodies again. After my training as a naturopath, I dived into a 2 year acupuncture training course, which opened my eyes to a new world.  I am very grateful to be able to learn new and fascinating things on a daily basis and to pass them on to my patients! 

I maintain my own balance through yoga and meditation, friends, playing the ukulele and small and large travels - sometimes with, sometimes without a massage table! My fuel is curiosity, which also likes to be fed in everyday life and constantly makes everything new.

Bodywork training courses


2023 | Applied Channel Theory - 7-day intensive Palpation-Based Acupuncture Training Program in Bilbao (Jonathan Chang, Nexus China), 2 workshops with Bob Quinn (Teishin & Koshi-Balancing)

2022 | Toyohari Acupuncture Training Programme (Stephen Birch & other instructors) 

2022 | CranioSacrale Therapy 1 (Upledger Institut)

2019-2021 | Specialist training in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, 2-year training AGTCM

2019 | Acupuncture according to Thews intensive course

2019 | Hock Pain Therapy

 2019 | Hock Method Spinal Therapy (A and B)

2017-2019 | Microkinesitherapy, Modules A,B,C, NP1, NP2, NP3

2016 - 2018 | Training to become a non-medical practitioner

2015 | Esalen©-Massage Practitioner, 100 hrs. training in Esalen, Big Sur, California - California Massage Introduction Course, Barcelona - Gua Sha Advanced Course, Munich

2014 | Gua Sha Introductory Course - Dorn-Breuss Spinal Therapy, - Lomi lomi O'luea Course 3

2013 | Lomi Advanced Practitioner

2012 | Various trainings in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi: - Lomi Lomi Nui, Introductory Workshop, Basic Practitioner Level 1 - Lomi Lomi Oluea, Level 1, Lomi Lomi Nui, Basic Practitioner Levels 2 & 3, In-house trainings at Schloss Elmau (training as Hamam Master - in-house "Signature treatments" Hot stones, Neurotransmitter Methods)

2011 | Chair Shiatsu 

2010 | Manual trigger point treatment and cupping practical seminar

2008 - 2009 | Basic training as massage practitioner/therapist